Organizational communication case study analysis

Lisa Smith Organizational Communication Analysis: The Kudler Organization is owned by Kathy Kudler, and it is a locally owned upscale specialty food buisness positioned in the San Diego region along with three other stores. Each store has about 8, square feet of retail space positioned in a high fashioned shopping center. They have the finest domestic and imported fare at every location with an exceptional assortment of fresh produce, bakery, pastry products, condiments, fresh meat, seafood, cheese, packaged foods, and specialty dairy products.

Organizational communication case study analysis

Organizational Communication Analysis: Kudler Fine Foods - Case Study

It puts into consideration the practices utilized to organize and implement decisions. Hence, this term can be described as the study of individual employees and workgroups in the business environment.

This paper aims to provide a discussion on organizational behavior grounded on acase study. It seeks to expound on the relevance of organizational behaviorin businesses, and how it can be utilized to bolster the performance of a workforce and the company at large.

Moreover, the study seeks to explain the importance of communication in enhancing employee behavior. Thus, if a firm is to effectively organize the skills, talents, and expertise of its employees to obtain its underlying goals, it is imperative for the managers to understand how they can positively influence the behavior of its staff.

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This topic is crucial for managers because it enhances their understanding of how to classify resources into distinct departments to obtain both efficiency and effectiveness in the business environment.

Additionally, the knowledge of organizational behavior is requisitebecause it teaches managers how to coordinate social units in the firm to attain mutual goals Fredrick, Furthermore, businesses today have experienced unprecedented growth due to the widespread advancement of technologies.

For managers who have the mandate of the business operations of the firm, knowledge on organizational behavior is vital because it provides them with insights on how they can overcome global challenges and procure competitive advantage Fredrick, For instance, this topic teaches them of the relevance of employee diversity, corporate downsizing, change of organizational structure,and job specialization.

Similarly, knowledge of organizational behavior is essential for managers because it focuses on improving the productivity of both the employees and the organization, reduces employee turnover as well as patterns of absenteeism.

Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Analysis – Barbra Dozier's Blog

It also helps mitigate deviant behaviors, and increase job satisfaction among its workforce Fredrick, Through the study of organizational behavior, managers construe what employees do in a work environment and how their individual behavior impacts the performance of a business firm.

This topic also gives managers an understanding of how to administrate workforce diversity Fredrick, This is critical because several business firms today are composed of a heterogeneous mix of people in terms of gender, age, and race.

Organizational communication case study analysis

Impact of Organizational Values to Employees Organizational values refer to the perspectives utilized at a workplace towards the appropriate course of action French, For a business environment to succeed, it is important that positive values are encouraged to positively influence the behavior of staff.

For instance, an organization should encourage a labor force with strong ethical values. This can be attained through clearly defining the codes of conducts of a company, enrolling employees into training programs, and establishing an ethics committee that closely monitors and counsels employees on the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in the workplace French, An assessment of the case study reveals that Pornthip Somsong altered the values of the organization to influence negatively the behavior of employees.

For instance, Pornthip changed the organizational structure to a centralized authority stating that listening to employee ideas and complaints was a waste of time. Furthermore, rather than treating the employees as resources to the organization, she treated them as hired helps.

This approach significantly decreased the job satisfaction rates of the staff to undertake their duties. The employees felt that their opinions were no longer appreciated.

Organizational communication case study analysis

Additionally, the organizational values of the company were compromised by the new punishment and reward system that Pornthip put in place. Conversely, she also delved onto theincentives that individually encouraged the employees to work harder.

She held that the staff did not use it much;thus,she plotted on how she would use the space for the expansion of the business. All these changes will not only decrease employee productivity but also lead to a high staff turnover and absenteeism. Quality of Business Decisions Upon appointment to the organization, Pornthip implemented several decisions, which were considered bad.BBA , Organizational Communication 1 Course Description Examines the communication process as it pertains to modern organizations from the perspectives of various For this assignment, you will write a case study analysis that focuses on the communication strategy of an organization of your choice.

Feb 14,  · In the case study, for instance, Pornthip utilized vertical communication to explain to her subordinates the changes to be expected under her sovereignty. Similarly, the importance of communication is illustrated by its capacity to promote the motivation of employees (Sehgal, ).

The University of Southern Mississippi The Aquila Digital Community Dissertations Spring A Case Study Analysis of Organizational Crisis Communication During Hurricane Katrina. Organizational Communication Analysis Part V – Reflection and Evaluation Paper Kelsey Elementary Schools Merger/reorganization with another school district Write a 1, to 2,word reflection and evaluation of Parts I through IV of your organizational communication analysis.

Compiled with a variety of important examples of organizational communication ethics of today, case studies include the discussion of ethical dilemmas faced by Walmart, Toyota, Enron, Mitsubishi, BP, Arthur Andersen, Google, college athletics, and the pharmaceutical industry, among others.

Business Communication Case Study – Harrods Introduction Established in London since by Charles Henry Harrod, Harrods is a department store for luxury branded merchandise. Voted as the ‘Luxury Retailer of the Year ’ Harrods has a reputation of always delivering the highest standards of customer service as well as expertise in luxury goods.

Organizational Communication Analysis: Kudler Fine Foods - Case Study