Oprahs national high school essay contest 2013

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Oprahs national high school essay contest 2013

Someone take them away from me! Nah, I didn't love this book. I know I'm in the minority, and part of me is glad about that. I mean it when I say this book deserves recognition, and honestly, I'd rather people were reading this and following a heroine as independent as Katniss, rather than a simp like Bella or Bethany.

The Hunger Games is high-quality YA, intelligently written, and despite its flaws it's worthy of success. Here's where I be I have got to stop poking fun at this series with memes.

Here's where I become one of Oprahs national high school essay contest 2013 lone rangers on a forum uttering the forbidden words: Put down the pitchforks! Let me make my point, okay? So the second I read the synopsis, the first thought that popped into my head was, "Sounds a lot like Battle Royale!

I'm sorry, THG fans; but you can literally pair up characters from this book and fit them snugly into the moulds of those from BR. I know Suzanne Collins said she hasn't read BR. I find this hard to believe, given the similarities, but to each her own.

Oprahs national high school essay contest 2013

The above is simply something that really, really stuck out to me. The entire way through, I was finding similarities. This isn't to say The Hunger Games doesn't follow its own course, and have its own storyline.

But think of the people who lash out at Cassandra Clare because of the similarities between her work and J. If you're one of the people who feels angry about that, consider that perhaps the people who read BR, then THG, and noticed the same glaring similarities as I might feel the same way.

Moving on, the romance. The romance in this book drove me insane. I don't understand what the constant need to have a love triangle is, but people who say, "There are no teams!

If there were never meant to be teams, and if this book didn't want to have "just another love triangle" That's the way it is, I'm afraid. I am absolutely and utterly sick of love triangles, and what was worse about this one was the second I read Peeta's name and his history with Katniss, I knew it was going to be all about Katniss loving Peeta and Gale trying to muscle in.

It was predictable, and a Plot Tumor. Think of how amazing this book could have been had there been no romance, or if Katniss had actually been forced to kill Peeta.

I literally waited, with baited breath, for Katniss to kill Peeta. The synopsis of this book suggests that Katniss's humanity will be questioned, and she will be forced to make agonizing decisions in the name of her survival, but never once does she kill for the sake of herself.

Every kill she makes is either in mercy, accidental or in lieu of child murder Marvel's death was carried out after he speared Rue; Katniss's killing him would then play out as comeuppance rather than Katniss killing for the sake of herself.

Katniss's hands remain proverbially clean, the whole way through the Games. This is simply not what I signed up for. It's unrealistic, to begin with. Biologically, the human body and mind is wired for survival at all costs.

Why, then, does the body not simply give up? Why doesn't it shut down, because the mind no longer works? The main objective of life is to do exactly that: Animals exhibit this to a tee.

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Sie ist die Gründerin der Muckrakers, sowie der League of Doom als auch des Old Maid's Club und war einst die Leiterin von Aural Intensity und Co-Leiterin der New.

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