Ob assgignment 1

Some said "the managers have to become capable of working with people from different cultures".

Midwives may also participate in training. Volunteers will provide clinical and didactic training, including formal and supplemental lectures, case discussions, computer-based learning and simulations.

Volunteer responsible for housing; information on nearby facilities provided. Volunteers will also work with HAS staff to improve communication between Ob-Gyn clinicians and pediatricians at the time of delivery and to advance implementation of cesareans.

Academic experience is helpful, but not required.

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Volunteers will work with BCH staff to develop a gynecologic oncology curriculum for both didactic and clinical skills, and provide surgical and didactic training to BCH gynecologic oncologists. Board-certified gynecologic oncologists with at least two years of post-fellowship experience.

HVO volunteers at this project site coordinate with the university to provide two evidence-based CME lectures and one simulation session per week to the clinicians. Volunteers may also participate in clinic rounds and collaborate with clinicians and faculty on obstetrics, acute gynecology, REI or urogynecology.

Ob assgignment 1

Final year residents accepted if accompanied by a faculty member. Academic and teaching experience is helpful. Housing provided for a reasonable fee.

In addition to these two goals, this project also focuses on collaborating with Ob-Gyn staff to conduct scientific research and to provide mentorship in research design, methodology, data analysis and manuscripts preparation for submission to scientific journal in various areas.

Volunteers provide lectures, clinical supervision and surgical teaching. Volunteers also act as mentors and can assist students with their studies and writing papers.

Academic and teaching experience is recommended.

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In 43 cases (7%), gender was undetermined because of maternal habitus/fetal lie (53%) or an intermediate angle of the genital tubercle to the horizontal plane (47%).

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Ob assgignment 1

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