Account of the bacon rebellion

A century before the American Revolution, there was Bacon's Rebellion. One was the heavy-handed English governor, Sir William Berkeley, a veteran of the English civil wars. The other was Nathaniel Bacon, an immature, lazy schemer. His father had sent him to Virginia hoping he would grow up.

Account of the bacon rebellion

John White returned to Roanoke in with supplies and new colonists. Upon his arrival in Virginia, he found the deserted settlement. Two of the ships wrecked off the coast of Bermuda where survivors spent months building the Patience and Deliverance to sail to Jamestown.

In this document, a group of Virginia planters refute the charges against the colony made by Captain Butler. The Discourse of the Old Company," Sir William Berkeley served as governor of the Virginia colony from to and from to As a Royalist, Berkeley led the colony in supporting Charles I against Oliver Cromwell and Parliament in the English Civil Warmaking Virginia one of the last of the colonies to submit to the rule of the new Commonwealth in In the aftermath of the failed rebellion, Berkeley returned to England, where he died in July Berkeley, and Present Governors of Virginia," The Voyage to Virginia.

This group of documents describe several of the voyages to Virginia during the seventeenth century.

Account of the bacon rebellion

In these Instructions John Smith gives his recommendations as to how a plantation should be settled in Virginia. Captain Gosnold recounts his voyage to Virginia and the settlement that he founded there.

Colonel Norwood was a Royalist who decided after the death of Charles I to immigrate to Virginia, where he had friends and relatives. This document describes his voyage to Virginia, in which he visited many different colonies and survived a massive storm which nearly wrecked his ship.

Descriptions of the Colony and its History. First-hand account of life and events in the newly established colony of Jamestown in Virginia by Edward Wingfield, first president of Jamestown. This pamphlet promotes the Virginia Colony of London to investors and adventurers.

This account by Richard Hakluyt, traveler and advocate of overseas colonization, promotes Virginia as a probable site for gold and minerals.

He also provides a translation of an account of a Spanish expedition through Florida and the southeast of America from This account is a report on the land and resources to be found in the Virginia colony.

The Virginia Company of London wanted him to standardize laws in Virginia and to help the colony recover from the "Starving Time. Alexander Whitaker was the Minister at Henrico Plantation, one of the larger plantations in Virginia.

This document is his account of the state of affairs in Virginia. Whitaker wrote this document to counteract discouraging reports and rumors about the Colony. This document includes the laws governing the Virginia Company of London, the conduct of meetings and business, and the election of the governing body.

This account is his description of the area called New Albion, between Virginia and Maryland. This account actively promotes the settlement of Virginia and Maryland, offering a road map of advice, despite his never having been in Virginia, for how any and all potential settlers might best profit from the opportunities available in the colonies.

This account of Virginia was written in England from letters and accounts of colonists in order to emphasize the many excellent qualities of life in Virginia.

The author provides this information in a convenient list format. More especially the South part thereof, Richly and truly valued," by E.Printable Version. Robert Beverley on Bacon's Rebellion Digital History ID Author: Robert Beverly Date Annotation: An account of Bacon's Rebellion.

Document: The occasion of this rebellion is not easy to be discovered: but `tis certain there were many things that concurred towards it.

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Account of the bacon rebellion

Shop with confidence. This collection of papers relates to Bacon's Rebellion includes Nathaniel Bacon's apology to Sir William Berkeley at the Assembly meeting prior to the rebellion and records of the court martials held in the aftermath of the rebellion.

"An Account of our Late Troubles in Virginia," by Mrs. An. Cotton, August 3, - Nathaniel Bacon, in rebellion against the Virginia governor, obtains the endorsement of seventy leading Virginia men to his leadership against the Indians.

The Official Account of Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia, – Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, Rice, James D. The rebellion came to be known as Bacon's Rebellion. The rebellion was fueled by the poor relationship between the settlers and the Native Americans, as well as the lack of support the settlers.

Bacon's Rebellion was an armed rebellion in by Virginia settlers led by Nathaniel Bacon against the rule of Governor William Berkeley. Book of Record: The Official Account of Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia, – () External linksMethods: Demonstrations, vigilantes.

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